Technology Radar

This layout is inspired by the Thoughtworks' Technology Radar.


Create a folder for the technology radar, e.g. /src/radar Copy the file radar.{lang}.json and rename it as the folder name, this will make the json file Eleventy data file.

The default radar.{lang}.json file includes definitions for categories and rings. You can change them accordingly, but

For each of the categories, create a page with - appropriate template suffix- and a folder with the same name.

Under each folder place the item files.

Example folder structure

├─radar.json                  - Radar data file
├─               - Category techniques
├───techniques                - Content for category techniques
│   ├ techniques.json         - Common front matter for techniques
│   ├─ - A technique in the radar
│   └─    - Another technique in the radar
├─                    - Category tools
├───tools                     - Content for category tools
│   ├ tools.json              - Common front matter for tools

Item files

Front matter


title: Title to be displayed in the list and page,

date: Date that the item was created/updated
dateRemoved: Date that the item was removed
ring: One of adopt, trial, assess, hold; as defined in radar.json

description: Short description, for display purpose
keywords: Any keyword, for display purpospe
homepage: Homepage of the technology
repo: URL of the github repository (if applicable)

author: The writer of this doc

## {date} Assess

Blip full description.

Notice that the tags and category were factored out to a data file in the directory, e.g. techniques.json

"tags": ["radar"],
"category": "techniques"


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